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Banglanatak dot com is a social enterprise working across India with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture based approaches. We work for protection of rights of women, children and indigenous people.
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Tarak Khyapa

Tarak Khyapa was a renowned Baul artist and a Guru. Born in Joydev Kenduli of Birbhum, Tarak Khyapa’s vibrant voice and exuberant dance made people envious. His competency towards Dotara, Khol, Tabla and Gabgubi made him one of the most talented Baul artists. His primary introduction to Baul was obtained from his father Kanailal. From a very young age he bagan his official training under Sudhirbaba of famous Tamaltala Ashram in Joydev. He also got the guidance of Pagol Ramdash, a well known Baul exponent and lyricist.  Tarak Khyapa had an unlimited stock of songs. His presentation attracted his audience. Understanding each and every bit of the songs he united his soul and body and penetrated the depths of Baul music. He presented the pieces of Lalon Fakir, Haure Gnosai and Nilkantha. To spread the originality of Baul music and Baul Philosophy he established ‘Baul-Kutir-Sebasram’ where he passed on his skills of singing and Khamak playing to his students and disciples. As a Guru he was …

Women of Nanoor Challenging the Gender Stereotypes

Darjeeling and Kalimpong Folk Festivals: Celebrating Hills’ Heritage

Tucked away in a green, serene, and often surreal, surrounding on the lap of the Eastern Himalayan Range, Darjeeling is not only a requiem for tired urban souls, and the undisputed Queen of the Hills, but much more… To begin with, it is home to 14 indigenous communities who make up an amazing mosaic of pristine traditions, rituals and folk cultures that have, unfortunately, remained virtually undiscovered by the world outside.It was with this long-felt need to showcase the rich intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of the Hills that the Rural Craft and Cultural Hubs (RCCH) project of the Government of West Bengal hosted its first editions of Darjeeling and Kalimpong folk festivals in April and May 2017, respectively. Around 200 local artists participated in the event at Chowrasta Mall in Darjeeling on 5 and 6 April, while over 400 local artists and craft persons took part in the festival at the Mela Ground in Kalimpong on 27 and 28 May. An exhibition on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, whic…